The world of children is governed by the same values and beliefs that govern the world of adults - Segura-Mora

Practitioners play a crucial role in sparking children’s natural curiosity about differences and similarities in family and community life - EDENN

How well does the content of classroom pictures, posters, games and other materials represent real people? - Janet Brown McCracken

A major challenge for practitioners is to find ways of validating the skills that children from all backgrounds bring to the setting - EDeNn

At the national Cuna Más Program in Peru we have been working together with mother caregivers, coaches, trainers and specialists to develop critical learning communities oriented to social justice and democratic values - Ana del Barrio

Our strengths lie in our willingness to change - Korein Groep

The one thing all children have in common is their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

An inclusive approach to education is not just a matter of making minor (or major) adjustments; inclusion is a process, which has to run through the whole curriculum, if it is to be genuine -Preschool Learning Alliance

Together with our partners, we make a positive contribution to the development of each and every child - Korein

To be able to develop understanding of others you have to know who you are, and have a highly developed sense of empathy and justice - Louise Derman-Sparks

Highlights from ISSA Conference 2014

Highlights from ISSA Conference 2014, University College Dublin’s Professor Kathleen Lynch makes clear how inequality adversely affects the development of children.


Want to watch more highlights from keynote speakers at the ISSA Conference in October 2014 in Budapest check out ISSA YouTube Channel.


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